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Your Health and Bed Bugs


Bedbugs are difficult to get rid of and can go for months without eating. Don’t spray insect repellent or other pesticides on your luggage or clothing. They aren’t effective against bed bugs, and they may pose health hazards. Don't throw your dirty clothes directly back into your suitcase.  Be sure you put them into re-sealable plastic bags or washable mesh bags before you put them in.

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You Health and Mosquitos


Mosquitos can cause:


  • Yellow Fever- Causes a high fever, bleeding into the skin and the death of cells in the liver and kidney.
  • Rift Valley Fever- Causes fever and liver abnormalities, hemorrhagic fever, encephalitis, ocular disease, weakness, back pain, dizziness, and extreme weight loss.
  • Malaria- Causes fever, chills, headache, sweats, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.
  • Dengue Fever- Causes headache, fever, exhaustion, severe joint and muscle pain, swollen glands, and rash.
  • West Nile Virus- Causes fever, headache, tiredness, and body aches, occasionally with a skin rash and swollen lymph glands.

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